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Black History Month 2019

I know I am a day late but I want to post this to wish everyone a fantastic Black History Month! This is an important time of year to me personally because I want to bring attention to this for multiple reasons. I think it is very important for everyone to educate themselves of significant contributors to history here in Canada and in other countries!

Thank you to Carter Godwin Woodson for your pioneering efforts to starting the study of “African-American Life and History” and bringing forward valuable information that others had chosen to not prioritize!

I also draw my readers attention to York University initiative . I have extracted a portion for those who do not make it to the link to highlight the challenges that have come from Black Canadians to bring issues to light through literature!


“Today, many African Canadian writers are, again, immigrants, particularly from the Caribbean and Africa. In their work, they draw on the "complexity of a history based in slavery, colonization, cultural genocide, famine and civil war, and tyranny." They draw as well on influences ranging from Western classics to Caribbean, African-American and African literature. Toronto writers of Caribbean descent, such as Dionne Brand, Marlene Nourbese Philip, Austin Clarke and Cecil Foster, contribute perspectives that are slowly but surely becoming a part of Canadian literature. Indigenous African Canadian writers from Alberta, southern Ontario, and the East Coast have also acquired visibility: their work often concerns community histories, memoirs, and autobiographies. This new literature informs both immigrant and native-born communities of each other's experienceIt is my belief that the education system is not doing a strong enough contribution to Black History on a regular basis. Therefore, I like to use Black History Month as forum to create conversations and advocacy campaigns that will carry on beyond the month of February. “

As a more general starting point I am recommending anyone looking for a beginning point to check out this link


By no means does is it all encompassing resource but it is a start for people who don't know where to begin!

I hope all my readers feel that I are a bit more informed than they were before. I really want to stress that Black History Month is a forum to bring awareness not just for one month but on an on-going basis! I also want to say for all the people that do not know how to be an Ally to this issue please feel free to contact me because this is an issue that is not only a Black Issue. As a society if we come together to support each other it creates spaces where for example school curriculums could become adapted one day to include more content that is typically only being brought up in Black History Month! Then Canadian society and youth benefit because they have a fuller picture of history, not the limited picture that someone decided once upon a time children in Canada should know. Thank you so much for taking your valuable time to educate yourself about a critically important issue!

Emails welcome at : marcj.whitehouse@gmail.com