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Have you noticed that you have been struggling for a long time hoping that you could change? Have found that it has been feeling impossible to find that thing that works? Do you notice yourself struggling and not feeling the same way that you used to? Is your issue limiting you from enjoying life the way you once did?

If you feel that any of the above questions apply to you and you are ready to put in the work, then you are in the right place!


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At Whitehouse Counselling it is of the utmost importance that you feel completely comfortable. That is why you can request a phone consultation to get to know Marc better and ask any questions you may have!

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Marc has a structured approach to counselling and always makes every effort to collaborate with you to ensure that you get the most out of each and every session!

Marc genuinely believes in the potential that lies within you! During sessions you will be able to notice Marc genuinely believes that you have a tremendous amount of internal strength and power that has developed from your life experiences. He will work with you to be able to unlock your inner knowledge about yourself in order to open up your mind to be in the best place possible to pursue what is most important to you in life! What Marc most wants you to know is that you should never give up! What is waiting for you once you are living your values will be a feeling of being complete because you have placed all the important pieces of yourself into a unified whole!

“Your mind is a very powerful force, once you learn the combination you will be able to cultivate your full potential and achieve all that is important!"


This quote has guided my personal and professional development and therefore holds a special place in the development of Whitehouse Counselling Services.


The values that I believe are most important in the therapeutic relationship are honesty, collaboration, trust and openness. I strive to ensure that each an every person I work with feels deeply understood and recognized for the unique individual that they are. It is very important to me that you feel safe and accepted while you are so courageously pursuing the best version of yourself in therapy!

Special Areas for me

A specific area that is near to my heart is working with individuals suffering from anxiety and depression. I really enjoy working with teens, young adults and professionals on reducing their anxiety and decreasing the influence of their depression through meaningful collaboration and teaching of skills that will support your on-going ability to overpower your anxiety and depression!

My Therapeutic Approach is grounded in a few different types of therapy. Primarily, I draw from Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. I customize my approach based on your strengths, values and goals while relying on the most Evidence-Based approaches to ensure that a holistic treatment plan is developed to best meet your needs.



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Founding Clinician

Marc J. Whitehouse

Qualifications and Licenses 

  • Registered Social Worker | Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers

  • Master of Social Work | Specialization in Family-based Therapy-University of Toronto

  • Bachelor of Arts, Honours in Psychology | Carleton University

  • Bachelor of Arts, Honours in Criminology | CarletonUniversity


  • Fundamentals of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy | Adler University

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy | Dr. Russ Harris.

  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy | Dr. Marsha Lineman

  • Family-based Therapy | George Hull Centre for Children and Families